Design and Features

Safelumin LED Safety Light

For Power Outages

An everyday LED light bulb that also works in a power outage is a novel idea, but the Safelumin bulb is not a novelty product. The Safelumin LED power outage light bulb checks all of the boxes when you’re shopping for a quality power outage light. It’s designed to be a workhorse and provide many years of useful service. Learn more about the innovative Safelumin design and its thoughtful features.

Innovative Design and Features

Safelumin power outage light bulb features

Battery Test Button

With the touch of a button, you can test whether the battery is working and its level of charge. Waiting for the power to go out to see if the battery will work is not an option. That’s why Safelumin added this important feature.

Replaceable Battery

LED lights can last a long time. In most cases they will outlast any battery. Safelumin allows you to easily replace the battery, thereby extending the product’s life.

25,000-hour-rated LEDs

Safelumin is built to last! If you use the light for three hours per day, that means a 22.8 year life. The electrical components were selected to accommodate a long product life. Of course results will vary based on the product’s use and the battery will likely need to be replaced a few times over 20 years.

Air Gap

Heat kills batteries! A major design challenge of power outage light bulbs is keeping the batteries cool to maximize their life. Safelumin’s patented “air-gap” technology solves the problem and allows Safelumin to produce bulbs small enough to fit in most lamps and light fixtures. This bulb looks a little different, but for a good reason.

Works in Standard Fixtures

A power outage bulb must work in standard lamps and fixtures to be practical. Safelumin meets the criteria of a standard A19 household bulb size and has a standard E26 base.

Safelumin's Small Size is a Big Deal!

A major challenge of designing a power outage light bulb is making it small enough to fit in existing lamps and fixtures. After all, it is meant to replace an existing light bulb and should be about the same size. As you can see from the diagram, Safelumin is only about 1/8″ taller than a standard incandescent bulb. Beware of imitators selling products on the Internet. Many of those bulbs are much larger and may not fit in your lamps or fixtures.

Compact size power outage light bulb

Choose a Warm Glow or Cleaner White Light

Safelumin power outage light is available in four light colors

Like standard LED light bulbs, Safelumin power outage light bulbs are available in four different light colors ranging from warm white to cool white. Many people prefer warmer light in living areas and bedrooms while choosing brighter white for task lighting or brightening a darker location in their home or business. It’s a personal choice and Safelumin gives you options.

Watch How They Work

Power outage lights demonstration video

Long-Lasting Quality

Safelumin has done it right! A power outage light is an investment that should last many years and work whenever the power goes out. Safelumin's features, including the ability to test the battery, make it a must-have product for safety and peace of mind.