Safelumin LED Safety Light for Power Outages (Neutral White – 4000K)

Don’t be left in the dark when your power goes out!

Avoid the frustration and stress caused by unexpected power outages!

Prevent falls and accidents!

Safelumin LED Power Outage Light Bulb (Neutral White 4000K) is an everyday, efficient LED light bulb that will work even when your power goes out! The bulb automatically switches to power provided by a self-contained, rechargeable backup battery when it senses a power failure. This bulb is even smart enough to tell the difference between a power outage and unplugging the lamp! When your power is out, the bulb can be turned on or off from a wall or lamp switch. Please visit Reasons to Use Power Outage Lights to learn more about how you can use this product.

The bulb is about the same size as a standard household light bulb and fits in most lamps and fixtures. It uses 6.5 watts of energy, has a brightness of 500 lumens, and replaces a 40-watt bulb. A fully-charged battery is designed to deliver about 3 hours of light. Learn more about Safelumin’s unique design and thoughtful features.

Test the battery’s function and level of charge with the touch of a button. Like any safety device (e.g., smoke detector), it is important to know whether it will work in an emergency. Test your battery, not your luck!

The bulb provides a neutral white light color (4000K) replacing bulbs typically used in kitchens and other task areas. Safelumin is available in the four different white light colors shown below.

Safelumin power outage light is available in four white light colors


  • Daily use lights:500 lumens (40W Replacement)
  • Backup light: 100 lumens
  • Energy used: 5.1 watts Normal Use (6.5 watts Charging)
  • Rating: AC120V 60Hz HPF (High Power Factor >0.9)
  • Bulb Life: 25,000 hours
  • Compact small size: 60 x 117mm (2.4″dia x 4.6″L)
  • Weight: 95g (3.4 oz)
  • U.S. Patents
  • Certification: UL / FCC / RoHS

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Product Short Description :

Power Outage Light Bulb for Everyday Use:

Automatically switches to backup battery when your power goes out!
Fits in standard lamps and fixtures
Test the battery’s function and charge level with the touch of a button
Battery is rechargeable and replaceable
Patented technology – Invented in Wisconsin, USA


Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A